Canada is now accepting online requests for proof of citizenship.

Using the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) online portal, you can submit your application, pay the fees, and send any supporting documents.

There are three actions you can take with the new portal:

  • request a replacement proof-of-citizenship (also called a citizenship certificate) that does not require changes to the information on the certificate, such as name or birthdate;
  • submit straightforward claims for proof of citizenship by descent; or
  • request a search of citizenship records.

You can apply online for a proof of citizenship if your Canadian parent was:

  • granted citizenship on or after April 17, 2009, or
  • born in Canada on or after February 15, 1977.

Otherwise, you will have to submit a paper application.

The Canadian government will still accept and process paper applications. If you already submitted a paper application, IRCC says not to complete an online application for the same request.

About proof of citizenship

If you were born outside Canada, but one of your parents was born in Canada, you may be eligible for citizenship status. In order to get it though, you need a Proof of citizenship.

With this document, you can enjoy the benefits of citizenship, such as getting a Canadian passport, working in Canada, or voting in Canadian elections.

Apply for Canadian citizenship online

At this time, you can only apply online if

    • you’re eligble to apply for Canadian citizenship
    • you have a valid email address
    • you’re at least 18 years of age when you submit your online application
    • you’re applying for yourself only (not with your family)
    • you do not have a representative
    • in your physical presence calculation, you do not include time spent outside Canada as a
      • crown servant or,
      • family member of a crown servant

If you don’t meet the criteria above, you can only apply on paper at this time.