Anoosh Salahshoor

Anoosh Salahshoor is a lawyer based in Toronto. He has appeared before the Superior Court of Justice, Toronto and Hamilton divisions. His guiding principle when advocating for clients is using his empathy and grit to get to the very heart of the matter so his clients’ vision and voice shine through.

Before joining Lewis & Associates, Anoosh was involved in the successful dismissal of a vexatious court action seeking $1.7mil in damages and against sixteen different parties. He was also involved in numerous high-stake real-estate and settlement negotiations and preparation of appeals to different bodies.

Anoosh has a bachelor of Honours from University of Toronto, and completed his law degree at the idyllic Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia.

Before becoming a lawyer, Anoosh worked as an immigration law clerk for many years, advocating for persons that experienced domestic violence, torture, and those with mental health issues.

Upon graduating from law school in 2017, Anoosh completed his articles with a Law Society bencher and a prominent real-estate, wills and estates lawyer in downtown Toronto.

Anoosh assists his clients in a variety immigration, litigation and family matters. His immigration practice involves citizenship law, cessation and vacation, and variety of appellate applications. His family practice involves helping clients with divorce, separation and marriage agreements, spousal and child support, custody, access and division of property.

Anoosh also practices civil litigation, where his focus is on cyber defamation, contractual disputes, and dealing with vexatious parties.

In his free time, Anoosh enjoys reading, playing chess and watching film noir.

Anoosh is fluent in Farsi and Turkish.

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