Canada is the second largest country in the world in area after Russia , despite her size she is one of the most sparsely populated society also considered to be a multicultural society.

Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for immigrants with numbers of approximately 0.7 percent of the population immigrating each year, that is about 250,000 new immigrants per year, which does not include about 200,000 temporary foreign workers and 100,000 students.

Canada’s refugee system offers three pathways for resettlement of refugees from outside of Canada : government assistance, private sponsorship and the blended visa office- referred program.

Out of all the three offerings, government assistance is more prominent and this sees the number of refugee claimants increasing by the day. Refugee claimants enjoy free temporary shelter, feeding, health, training and education, discounted transportation, monthly funds to cover basic needs and special diets, housing support , job opportunities and above all legal rights to live and work anywhere in Canada.

Despite these opportunities that comes on a platter of Gold, refugee claimants still have a lot of complaints about information and best way to access legal representation. Most times, refugees say the way most lawyers /legal representatives react and respond to their requests is nothing to write home about and this often make them conclude that most of them are more interested in their legal fees, no proper legal advice and representation.

Some refugee claimants spoken to further said most of the lawyers/legal representatives are much more interested in appeal cases than first appearance cases and the reason behind this is that they make more fortune in appeal cases than first appearance cases.

This trend has become worrisome and left a lot of refugees in the limbo. In my search on how to find ways of addressing this situation I ran into Alicia Nyamde and Dr. Winston LaRose who are conveners of a group called The ‘Ajumose’ Mentorship Oversight Group Ontario (TAMOGO). In Alicia’s words , “This group was formed in response to challenges faced by largely new immigrants to the province of Ontario. The vision is borne to empower and provide informational awareness and necessary interventions and representation for capacity building”. Alicia went further that “TAMOGO” is an organization that advocates for life saving assistance and for displaced people and promotes solutions to displacement crises.

To answer my question on how to get solutions to some of the plights of refugees especially in the area of legal representation she said “TAMOGO” is in partnership with Ms Jacki Lewis who manages one of the foremost refugee law firms processing over 400 refugee claims annually from all over the world.

At a later date I met with ever smiling and responsive Jacki at “TAMOGO” office in North York area of Toronto , I got hooked by Jacki’s patience , cool headedness and willingness to assist erring immigrants, this value and traits could hardly be found in many lawyers.

I was further stunned at the comments of some “TAMOGO” members on Jackie at the 2019 end of year meeting / Party of “TAMOGO”. At the end of the function, the members unanimously nicknamed Jackie “AJOKE” a yoruba name meaning “someone that should be pampered by all”. Here are their comments.

“OMOLOLA” – “What I would like to say about Jackie is that, no matter how heavy your situation is in your heart, she will calm you down and let you know there is solution in sight. She is just amazing.”

“GOD IS GOOD” – “She gives you this smile always and ready to listen to you. she is compassionate.”

“SHERIFAT” – “She has good listening ears and so factual.”

“AYINKE” – “She will give you hope and let you know that it’s not the end of the road.”

“TLO” – “I met Jackie a.k.a Ajoke for the very first time at the “TAMOGO” end of year meeting/party and i must say her warmth and kindness touched me in no small measure . She exudes so much radiance and energy, ready and willing to help. May God bless her beautiful soul.”

“MUTIAT OMOWUMI” – “May almighty Allah bless Jacki Ajoke , I was so blessed talking to her and I did not regret attending the “TAMOGO” function, God bless “TAMOGO”.”

“OLUMIDE” – “Wow Jacki ‘AJOKE’ has the most kindest of heart . She’s exhibits a perfect definition of what humanity is and may she continue to excel in all her endeavours . She is so passionate about what she does. Thank you Mr LaRose and Alicia for this great platform, more powers to your elbows, cheers.”

“MAA” – “I would like to say a big thank you to Jackie . May the good Lord continue to guide and protect her in all her endeavours Amen . As for me , she is a mother of all and in that case , her nickname will be “IYA GBOGBO’ meaning mother of all. If you all agree with me say YES.”

“CHRIS” – “Jackie ‘Ajoke’ is just like Jesus Christ who came down so that the poor can be rich, set captives free, those denied justice wrongly are corrected , what a woman of substance. May God keep her in good health.

“GESSEI” – “Jackie is a very warm and pleasant person, anyone can feel very comfortable in opening their life situations to her and do her best possible to attend to your unique situation, so get connected to her as soon as possible for help with your immigration matters ”

“OLUWAKEMI”  – “I called Jackie – Ajoke compassionate, the letter ‘C’ in the middle of her name means compassionate. I experienced compassion and sympathy the first time I met Jackie in her office, she was so attentive which depicts one of the values of a compassionate person and when she was going to talk to me, she said ” I can do this for you, you don’t have to pay me”.

I saw empathy through that statement which is another attribute of a compassionate person.

Ajoke – Compassionate try to push commonalities between us apart despite her status because she wanted me to be calm and she said , ” we eat pizza in office today you are free to be one of us ” I got another reason to say Ajoke is compassionate . Ajoke is not just a lawyer but a compassionate one like that.”

“ALHAMDULILAHI” – “Jackie is a very compassionate person, she was very patient with us when she met with us and also boost my confidence in our case. She is very awesome . God bless her and her firm”.

“OSAYI MERCY” – “Meeting Jackie for the first time was a great solution to my depressed state . She gave soothing and relieving responses with so much rejuvenating words. I have great confidence in her becoming my legal counsel hence forth “.

After all these comments, Alicia sent this message to the group’s whatsapp platform :

“ALICIA” – ” Good morning my family , I am happy you all have nice things to say about Jackie. I have been trying to tell our members about this amazing lady with a heart of Gold. Like I said yesterday, I have been involved in settlement work for over twelve years and in line of duty I have met with a lot of lawyers.

Jackie to me is simply the best. Hence the reason “TAMOGO” decided to partner with her law firm. I am so delighted that almost all of you have met her except few new members and you can attest to her capability to handle most of your immigration issues.

I hereby appeal to all “TAMOGO” members to switch over to Jacki’s law firm if you really want the best outcome for your case. Trust me Lewis and associates is the best option. ”

There are too many incompetent lawyers out there who are after your money and it is so sad to see people go through all of these just because their lawyers/legal representatives are failing in their responsibilities.

Thank you all for believing in “TAMOGO”… my promise to you all is that we will not fail you.

Need I say more, Alicia nailed it. Jackie who has her rout in Canada and America in her response said she accept the new yoruba name “AJOKE” wholeheartedly.